A harbor seal pup resting on a Massachusetts beach was the center of gawker attention Thursday.

Allegra Boverman/Gloucester, Mass., Times
CNHI News Service

A plump harbor seal pup enjoyed a restful day at the beach Thursday in tis seaside town, but its presence created quite a stir among gawkers.

"It's so cute when it yawns," said Judy Desmarais. "And it puts its flipper up near its face. I talked to it like it's my cat."

At least three volunteers from the New England Aquarium were keeping an eye on the seal pup. They said it appeared healthy and not at all bothered by the cold water.

"It's perfectly normal, and is resting," said volunteer Laura Howes.

She explained the seal's mother was likely feeding elsewhere in the harbor and "could be gone a couple of days while the pup is here to rest."

Volunteers kept onlookers from getting too close.

"You need to stay back so the mother won't abandon the pup," said Howes. "Adults are more wary of humans than the pups."


Details for this story were provided by the Gloucester (Mass.) Times.

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