Clinton County Conservation board members opened three bids for constructing a large aquarium for the Mississippi River Eco Tourism Center last week, but ran into a new snag. The bids were as follows:

• Art Aquatics, Toledo, Ohio, $220,000;

• Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, Las Vegas, $311,402.50; and

•Aquarium Professional Group, Evanston, Ill., $461,931.

The problem was that each company had bid a different product, so it was back to the drawing board until more information could be obtained.

The architect’s original estimated cost was $225,000.

On the original bid opening date, no bids had been received because specifications had been sent by the architect to the expected bidder’s address as shown on a web page — but the company had moved and by the time the packet reached the firm, there was not time to work up a bid.

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