MAQUOKETA — Maquoketa resident Bob L. Head has found a way to channel his newfound fame as a bobblehead to make a difference in his community.

Head was recently chosen as the winner of a unique promotion by The Portland Beavers, a Triple-A baseball team.

“I would like to channel this into something positive for my community,” Head said, explaining that he has served as chaplain for Hospice of Jackson County, a nonprofit organization that provides care for the terminally ill, since the group’s founding in 2003. Prior to the organization’s formation, Jackson County residents had to reach out to other communities for hospice care.

“Because of local demand for Hospice care, the need has become great for a Hospice House to be built,” Head explained. “We have submitted a bid on a prospective site for this house, but do not have funds available to begin construction.”

The Portland Beavers have responded to Head’s call for help. Last week, the Beavers began pre-selling 500 autographed Bob L. Head dolls and commemorative Bob L. Head T-shirts at

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the dolls and the T-shirts will benefit the Hospice of Jackson County and the Oregon Hospice Organization.

“Because of the support I received from everyone, we, as a family, would like to give back in return,” Head said. “Through the efforts of the Beavers, this has been made possible. Hospice of Jackson County, Iowa, is a non-profit organization. They are now in the process of raising funds to build a hospice house, which is very much needed in our community. We are very grateful to the Portland Beavers for their assistance in this most worthwhile endeavor.”

The collectible Bob L. Head dolls and T-shirts are both available for $15. While the T-shirts will ship immediately, the bobblehead dolls will ship on or shortly after the Aug. 18 promotion at PGE park.

Individuals can also make direct contributions to the Hospice of Jackson County.

Donations to the building fund can be directed to Maquoketa State Bank, 203 N. Main St., Maquoketa, IA 52060. Checks can be made out to “Hospice of Jackson County” and should include “Building Fund” on the memo line.

In February, the Beavers began a nationwide search to locate people named “Bob L. Head.”

The winner of the contest would have a bobblehead in their likeness created and handed out to the first 2,000 fans attending an Aug. 18 game between the Beavers and the Las Vegas 51s. The Beavers asked that participants write an essay explaining why they were the perfect Bob L. Head for the promotion.

Head’s essay noted that he is a “wholesome family man,” making him perfect for the promotion, since baseball is “a wholesome family sport.”

“I was born and raised in the farming country in the Midwest.” Head continued in his essay. “I pitched a lot of hay, as well as manure in my younger days, and I am confident that I could still pitch a baseball!”

In May, the field of Bob L. Heads was narrowed down to three. Fans were invited to vote for their favorite Bob L. Head on the Portland Beaver’s Web site, and Head began an aggressive campaign to win the contest.

The campaign was a success. The Beavers announced that Bob Leroy Head of Maquoketa had won the contest by a landslide. Head had received 51 percent of nearly 30,000 votes cast. In addition to having a bobblehead created in his likeness, Bob L. Head has been invited to throw out the first pitch in Aug. 18 game.

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