Flooding continues in the surrounding areas.

The Savanna, Ill./Sabula bridge was closed at 2 p.m. Monday and will remain that way until further notice. Officials are preparing for potential flooding of Illinois 84 near Albany, Ill.

The National Weather ServiceĀ  issued more flood warnings at 9:09 p.m. Monday. Flood stage at Lock and Dam 13 in Fulton, Ill., is 16 feet. As of 8 p.m. Monday, the Mississippi River stage was 20 feet and steady. Major flooding is occurring and is forecast to continue.

Water levels are expected to rise to 21 feet by Thursday. At this level, basement flooding will occur in businesses and homes in Savanna, with seepage into yards. Grain elevators and the lower portion of Marquette Park parking lot would be affected. In Sabula, the water would affect South Broad and Vulan Streets.

Flood warnings have also been re-issued in Camanche along the Mississippi River where major flooding is occurring and looks to continue.

On Monday, the river stage was 21 feet, well above the 17-foot flood stage.

The NWS previously stated that at 21 feet the water would affect Illinois 84 near Albany. The water level is now forecast to rise to 22 feet by Thursday.

At 22 feet, water will affect houses and commercial businesses on the Clinton riverfront between 27th Avenue and 36th Avenue North. In Fulton, houses north of the levee, would be affected.

For more information on flood warnings, visit www.weather.gov.