River Bend Board of Education will once again discuss on Monday the decision to eliminate in-town bus services for students living north of 14th Avenue in Fulton.

The decision to eliminate bus services for these students was voted on and approved last month due to overcrowding on the south bus. Capacity is 77 students and with 75 on the south bus, board members feared capacity would be reached when the weather became colder.

The board agreed to eliminate the north bus to allow for a second south bus, saying students south of 14th Avenue should still be bussed due to the safety hazard posed with crossing 14th Avenue.

Members Eric Fish and Jane Orman-Luker voted against and Nick Crosthwaite, Mike Ottens and Benji Grant voted for eliminating the north bus. Board president Dan Portz and board member Chris Barnett were absent.

According to a letter from Superintendent Chuck Holliday to parents, the district has received many concerns about the elimination of this bus route. Originally, Monday was scheduled as the day north bus routes would stop.

However, as Monday is also the board’s regular meeting, the change will not be made Monday. Instead, this topic  will be discussed and determined at the meeting.

The board meeting’s location has been changed to the Fulton High School Learning Resource Center, 1207 12th St, and will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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