Clinton-area officials might be looking into setting up a bus service extending from Camanche to Fulton, Ill.

The idea was floated by Clinton City Administrator Jeffrey Horne during Wednesday’s Intergovernmental Relations meeting, a session organized by the city to foster better communication with other nearby governmental entities.

Horne said with major industries in town with employees from all over the Clinton, Camanche and Fulton area, it might be beneficial for the three towns to get something in place to make sure people in every shift could make it to work.

“We want to keep folks with jobs,” added At Large Councilwoman Jennifer Graf, but she said it might have to extend to other, smaller towns in the county, like Charlotte and Grand Mound.

Horne said the idea still needed some research before any definitive plans can be made.

“We’ll have to see if there’s enough interest or ridership to do it,” he said. “I think you have to ascertain that before you can just jump in.

The committee also touched on the recent economic study commissioned by the city to measure the impact of the Thomson Correctional Center, should it be purchased and utilized by the federal government. The state prison has been the subject of many delays, the most recent being in the fall, when the state of Illinois put the prison up for auction and received no offers because the federal government did not have enough money appropriated for the purchase.

But officials, including Clinton Mayor Rodger Holm, who recently visited Washington, D.C., to lobby for other issues, said there is still interest in turning the empty prison into a federal facility but it is still a wait-and-see matter.

“I think we have an idea of what we’re up against now, with this study,” Horne said. The study estimated that $176 million would be added to the region’s economy once the prison was fully staffed.