CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council passed two new ordinances Tuesday night that were first discussed at the regular council meeting on May 16. One increases city sewer rates and the other requires swimming pool owners to have a four-foot fence around the perimeter of the pool.

The first ordinance increases the cost of sewer rental by 5 cents per 100 gallons, after the initial charge of $7.50 for the first 4,000 gallons used. The ordinance is being enacted to help cover the cost of service and maintenance for the city wastewater treatment plant. The rate increase will affect all residences served by the city water system and is retroactively effective to March 20. Residents will see the new billing for the increase on bills going out June 20.

The council also passed an ordinance that requires a 4-foot fence be installed at any residence with a swimming pool of 24 inches or more in height. Fencing is required regardless of water depth within the pool. City Attorney Tom Lonergan explained at the May 16 meeting that inflatable pools pose a special problem because they are not governed by the current swimming pool fence ordinance.

The current ordinance requires a 6-foot fence around swimming pools, but residents are allowed to have an above-ground pool of 4-foot height with a 2-foot fencing addition around the top perimeter. The new ordinance requires a 4-foot fence for any sized pool, but residents are welcome to install taller fences.

Building Inspector Tom Powell said residents that currently own such swimming pools should contact the city and apply for a permit for the fence and the pool. He added that the city will send out letters to pool owners and allow a short compliance period for residents to obtain the necessary permits. After a set compliance date, pool owners will be sent a letter notifying them of a final deadline to obtain the permits or be subject to a $100 fine. Any residents wishing to obtain and set up a new swimming pool must obtain permits before doing so.

Council member Steve Cundiff, acting as mayor pro tem in Mayor Jim Robertson’s absence, said the council had been contacted by Camanche Middle School Principal Phil Cochran.

Cochran sent a letter asking the council to approve $700 to help fund the expenses of a school bus that would transport Camanche students to the Clinton pool for two weeks for swimming lessons.

Council member Linda Kramer said the students would be attending the pool for lessons only and not for open swim and added that the program is important because Camanche is a river community and area children need to know how to swim.

Cundiff noted the city annually gives $2,400 to the program at the school swimming pool, but because the pool was closed for the season by the Camanche School Board due to budgeting concerns, the money was allocated to the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Lonergan said the funds now are under the commission’s control and organizers of the swimming lessons would have to seek approval from the commission.

The Parks and Recreation Commission meets on Tuesday evening.

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