CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council is hosting an informational meeting Monday to discuss several issues pertaining to current city services, as well as taxes and the possible sale of the county landfill.

The council scheduled the committee of the whole meeting at its May 16 regular meeting in an effort to thoroughly discuss the issues, inform the public and involve Camanche citizens in the decision making process. Council member Ron Wehde said the meeting will feature an informal format whereby the council will identify the issues at hand, explain the details involved and ask for public input.

“We’re welcoming community input,” Wehde said. “We’d just as soon have them helping us make those decisions.”

He added that council members strive to represent the community and are looking to hear their concerns and wishes on what the council should do to proactively address issues facing the city of Camanche.

“We’re looking ahead to the future,” said Wehde. “We’re trying to plan ahead and budget for future needs.”

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Monday at the Camanche Fire Station, 917 Third St. The meeting is open to the public and community input will be welcomed. Issues on the agenda include controlling taxation, the number of city police officers and firefighters, the possible need for a city administrator, duties of department heads and the possible sale of the landfill.

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