CAMANCHE — The Camanche City Council considered and approved an ordinance regulating private wells in the city of Camanche at its regular meeting Tuesday.

The council listened to a first reading of the ordinance, which was established to adopt provisions pertaining to restrictions of private wells and connections to the public water system.

The ordinance outlines who must connect to the public water system, who may use private wells, where wells are prohibited, permits required for new wells, the termination of well use and the city’s obligation.

The council amended the ordinance where necessary, then approved the first reading. The second and third readings were waived and the adoption of the ordinance was approved.

The council also approved a resolution concerning the construction funding agreement for the ACC/GCC water stem improvement project.

The council considered and discussed billing for ambulance services, the hiring of a paramedic and upgrading the level of the ambulance service.

A proposal was read that presented an informal time line for billing for ambulance services before a paramedic would be hired.

The council agreed that the paramedic would not be hired in less than six months, providing that adequate funds were in place.

According to Camanche Fire Chief Dave Schutte, the Camanche Fire Department is currently working on preparing to bill for ambulance services and upgrade the level of ambulance service to provisional paramedic. The fire department must receive a license from the state before attaining provisional paramedic status.

The council also approved and set May 19 as the date for a public hearing concerning a proposal to amend the fiscal year 2009 budget. The meeting will be at City Hall at 6 p.m.

It was also brought to the council’s attention that prior to the start of the force main project, a portion of the fence lining the cemetery along Washington Boulevard would temporarily be removed. The decision to permanently remove or replace the fence will be made by the cemetery board following the completion of the project.

Paul Varner announced that Camanche’s farmers’ market will begin on June 16 from 4 to 7 p.m.

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