CAMANCHE — The Camanche Police Department now has a new tool to use in efforts to keep kids off drugs.

Thanks to financial donations from Collis Tool Corporation and IPSCO, the Camanche Police Department was able to purchase a drug education kit from the National Child Safety Council.

The kit is designed for easy use with facsimile drugs arranged in subgroups for quick location and recognition. The kit comes in a plastic carrying case, which opens as a display. Special sections of the kit focus on major drugs such as alcohol, inhalants, tobacco, marijuana, club drugs, cocaine and others. The kit includes a drug education CD.

The National Child Safety Council is a non-profit organization that furnishes child safety educational materials to school-age children by means of programs conducted by local law enforcement departments and schools. During the past year, the council has worked with 5,086 schools and approximately 1.1 million school-aged children. The council recently created a selection of new child safety educational materials and updated previous pieces dealing with general child safety, alcohol and other drug prevention, friendly police officers, school buses, seat belts, sexual abuse, teen dating and child abuse.

John Hauschild, of the NCSC, said the kit can be used as an informational tool to educate children about the dangers of drug use and educate parents on what to look for if they suspect their child is using drugs. Houzenga added the National Child Safety Council has a tremendous amount of information available to the public regarding safety issues for people from preschool age through senior citizens.

Houzenga said local industries have been long-time supporters of the crime-prevention efforts of the Camanche Police Department. He thanks Collis and IPSCO for their donations toward the purchase of the drug education kit.

“We owe a big thanks to the businesses that sponsored these materials, because otherwise, the kids wouldn’t get them. They went above and beyond to bring this to us,” he said. “All the businesses in town have been wonderful to the Camanche Police Department.”

Houzenga said the kit will be used in educational situations for students such as school assemblies, police and fire department open houses and other community activities. He noted that any school or civic organization that would like to use the kit for informational purposes may contact the police department at 259-8575.

For more information on the National Child Safety Council or to obtain informational materials, contact the national office at (517) 764-6070.

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