CAMANCHE — The Camanche School Board listened to a report by high school physical education teacher Steve Dougherty on the school’s physical education grant at Monday night’s regular meeting.

Dougherty worked to secure the grant for Camanche in hopes of improving the physical education program. The school received $27,000 in physical education equipment and instructional videos, though they are still waiting for some items to arrive.

Dougherty stated that the school is working to combat inadequacies in wellness, fitness, nutrition, and students’ posture. He stated that many students slouch, which if perpetuated, could cause serious back problems in the future.

Dougherty indicated that students have already noticed a positive change in their posture after working to strengthen abdominal muscles.

The physical education grant also provides a video camera, which Dougherty stated, is to be used to film new routines and ways to use the equipment. The videos are then posted on the Web site YouTube for other schools to view. Dougherty indicated that the videos are a way for schools to share new ideas and fun ways for students to use the equipment.

Dougherty brought and demonstrated some of the equipment, which included medicine balls, resistance tubing, weighted batons, and kettle balls. The equipment will be used in separate programs for the elementary, middle, and high school.

The school board also reviewed the 2009-2010 estimated budget. A public hearing to consider the budget was set for April 8 at 6 p.m. at the Camanche Administration Center.

Superintendent Thomas Parker announced that the school district will begin interviewing candidates for the position of principal of the elementary school. Current principal, Steve Fuglsang submitted his resignation letter to the board, which they approved along with the early retirement incentive.

Fuglsang is one of six members of Camanche’s faculty and staff who announced their resignation at the meeting under the still active early retirement incentive. The incentive will end at the close of the 2008-2009 school year.