CLINTON — The Clinton County Community Development Association approved the Fund A Review Committee’s recommendations for grant recipients at the monthly meeting of the board of directors on Wednesday.

The Fund A pool contained a total of $500,000. The review committee recommended awards of $50,000 to the Camanche Volunteer Fire Department for a new rescue and pumper truck, $100,000 to the Clinton Fire Department for paving at the Clinton County Industrial/Municipal First Responder Training Facility and $100,000 to the Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation for the building facade at the Sawmill Heritage Museum.

The city of DeWitt was awarded a $25,000 grant for the Downtown John Bloom Streetscape and Improvement Project and the DeWitt Development Co. received a $50,000 grant for “DeWitt Delivers...” The largest grant amount of $175,000 was awarded to the River King and Queen Athletic Booster Club for the Clinton High School Football Stadium renovation.

Fund A grants are awarded with the goal of accomplishing economic, civic or community development within Clinton County. The total project budget must equal $150,000 or more and no grant shall exceed 50 percent of the project budget. All applicants must show proof of matching funds equal to the amount of the grant requested.

Camanche Assistant Fire Chief Bob Alm said the fire department is in the process of developing specifications for a new rescue and pumper truck.

The preliminary cost of the truck is estimated around $300,000 and much of the funding will come from the Capital Equipment Outlay fund.

The new truck will replace an aging 1972 American LaFrance rescue pumper.

He said the Camanche Volunteer Fire Department is very appreciative of the $50,000 grant.

“We would certainly like to thank the Clinton County Community Development Association for the continued support in the allocation of grant funds to Camanche and Clinton County organizations,” said Alm. “This $50,000 grant will allow us to replace a 34-year-old rescue pumper with a state-of-the-art rescue pumper that will last for many years and allow us to look forward to other projects.”

Alm said the new rescue pumper will be an important asset to Camanche and surrounding area.

“It will give our membership, our community and surrounding area an apparatus that meets today’s standards and needs. It will be a piece of equipment we can all be proud of,” he added. “Our firefighters and our community deserve to have the best equipment at their disposal. This grant allows us to move forward in its purchase.”

The Clinton Fire Department will use $100,000 for work at the Clinton County Industrial/Municipal First Responder Training Facility. The facility will be used by regional fire departments for a variety of training purposes including live burn exercises, firefighting techniques, search and rescue training and command operations. Clinton Fire Chief Mark Regenwether said that in the future the facility also can be utilized by local industries.

He said the grant provides the 50/50 match funding for an Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the amount of $229,000 recently received for the project. Regenwether expressed the fire department’s gratitude to the CCCDA for the grant program and the significant contribution to the facility project.

“We are at a great start here now with the help of the CCCDA,” Regenwether said. “In fact, this money makes this project viable. The Clinton Fire Department is grateful for the funding.”

The Sawmill Heritage Museum project will utilize the $100,000 for the building facade. The interactive museum/cultural center will focus on Clinton’s history as a lumber industry giant during the 1880s. The intention of the Kiwanis Saw Mill Steering Committee is to create activities that will engage visitors in a real experience of the lumber mill industry, including a working sawmill. Last year, John McEleney donated the property at 27 23rd Avenue North, the site of the former McEleney AutoCenter body shop, to the Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation for the museum.

The city of DeWitt was awarded a $25,000 grant for the Downtown John Bloom Streetscape and Improvement Project. DeWitt City Administrator Steve Lindner said the project recognizes Bloom, who was born and raised in DeWitt and as a painter and artist, went on to study under Grant Wood. Bloom’s art represented DeWitt and Clinton County through rural or agricultural scenes. Lindner said the first phase of the improvement project is complete following the rebuilding of water mains and sewer lines within 4 1/2 blocks of Sixth Avenue and two blocks of 10th Street in downtown DeWitt. The city also added amenities in the area including stamped concrete, colored concrete walkways, bumpouts for banners, pedestrian lights and decorated planters and waste containers. The funding will help pay for an additional six blocks of similar improvements on the east and west side streets. The second phase of the project includes creation and installation of two sculptures based on Bloom’s art and the relocation of a German hausbarn to Lincoln Park. The entire project including sewer work and landscaping is estimated at nearly $4 million. Lindner said the city is appreciative of the grant funding to help beautify the area.

“We’re glad they looked favorably upon our project and awarded us a grant,” Lindner said. “It’s certainly helpful in our process and we’re grateful.”

The DeWitt Development Company received a $50,000 grant for “DeWitt Delivers...” DDC Executive Director Sylvia Banes said the project is a branding campaign for the DeWitt community designed to attract jobs and encourage people to live in the city through direct mailings, surveys and advertising. The three-year project is estimated to cost a total of $300,000 and the DDC is working with a Quad-City company to develop the program. Banes said the DDC is grateful to the association board for the funding.

“We appreciate the support of the association for our project, because in the end, it will benefit all of Clinton County,” said Banes.

The $175,000 grant awarded to the River King and Queen Athletic Booster Club will help pay for renovations to the Clinton High School Football Stadium. The project is part of the “Restoring Royalty” initiative to improve the state of school buildings and athletic facilities. Plans for the stadium include new bleachers, lights, restrooms, concession stand and ticket entrance. The grant was awarded with $25,000 unrestricted and $150,000 dedicated to lighting.

“This is obviously a huge first step to getting our Kings and Queens athletic facilities back to where they’re supposed to be,” said Breton Williams, campaign chairman for the Clinton High Athletic Booster Club. “This is a huge honor that they would choose our project. We are emotionally and incredibly excited about the endorsement this grant gives us.”

Williams stressed the need for the high school and community to have viable facilities for current students and families, as well as future generations.

“We think it’s incredibly important,” he said. “It’s all about the kids and the future Kings and Queens.”