CLINTON — The Clinton County Community Development Association has given several entities deadline extensions on previous grant awards, allowing the organizations more time to complete their projects.

The regular monthly meeting of the CCCDA Board of Directors was held Wednesday morning in the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce conference room. Clinton City Engineer Steve Honse addressed the board seeking an extension of the deadline on a 2004 Fund B grant in the amount of $143,500 for the 19th Avenue North extension project. The grant deadline was extended in December 2006 order to allow the city more time to complete the environmental assessment, design the project and acquire the right-of-way. The grant funding was extended to Sept. 30, 2007.

In a letter to Board President Jim McGraw, Honse explained that delays in the project have resulted from Environmental Assessment issues that need to be resolved prior to using federal funding granted to the city for the project. The letter details the project has been split into three phases in order to move forward.

The phases consist of Mill Creek Parkway to Springdale Drive, from Springdale Drive to Randall Court and from Randall Court to North Second Street. Honse told the board funding has been secured for the first two phases and the city will bond for a portion of the funding for the second phase. He said he anticipates the city will bond for funding of the third phase. Honse noted Phase One is expected to be complete in August 2008 and asked the board for a deadline extension until then.

Board member Jerome Burken asked the board if extensions over six months have been granted previously. Board member Alan Campbell said he wouldn’t have an issue with granting an extension until next August, but advised he would like to receive an update on the project in six months. Honse said the project should be in the bidding process in February and he would be happy to appear before the board and offer an update on the project. The board approved a motion to extend the grant deadline until August 2008 and schedule a project update for the February board meeting.

Chamber President Kent Campbell asked the board for a six-month extension on a 2006 Fund B grant in the amount of $5,000 to the Gateway Area Foundation for construction of the disc golf course. Campbell said the course is part of the Great Places projects initiative and organizers have been working with the Clinton Parks and Recreation Department. He said the issue is two-fold, with details of the design being worked out between having a championship or standard course and how mowing and maintenance will be performed. Campbell said the project is down to the final details now and six months should be sufficient to complete the project. Board member Gerry Freudenberg suggested the board give a three-month extension and attempt to “force the hand a bit.” A motion to approve a three-month extension was approved.

A two-month extension on a 2006 Fund B grant in the amount of $11,000 was granted to Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat. The funds are being used for parking lot improvements. Community Care, Inc. was granted a one-month extension on a $15,000 - 2006 Fund B grant to allow for the purchase of two vans.

Honse again addressed the board in regard to an extension request from the Clinton Kiwanis Club Foundation. The foundation received a 2006 Fund B grant in the amount of $40,000 for the facade on the Sawmill Heritage Experience building and is requesting a six-month extension of the deadline. Honse said the former McEleney’s building is being modified and renovated to serve as an interim building. He said a consultant used for the project has not been performing up to expectations and the funding is being used to pay for architectural fees.

He said more time is needed for the project design and said project organizers expect four to five months of actual expenditures.

Honse said a six-month extension would allow for some leeway. He added the project is part of the Great Places initiative, having received $490,000 of the total $590,000 project budget from that effort, and the Great Places funding must be spent by June 30, 2008. A motion to authorize a six-month grant deadline extension was approved.

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