Superintendent Deb Olson

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The Clinton School Board approved the first reading of two new cell phone use policies at the regular meeting Monday evening. The policies, one for students and one for employees, were presented by superintendent Deb Olson.

Olson stated that the new policies were written due to an increase in cell phone use, and have been reviewed by an attorney. Currently, Olson estimates that 90 percent of high school students carry a cell phone.

“Students are encouraged to use cell phones…in a responsible manner because I do see a time that cell phones are going to become computers that we’re going to be using probably in the classroom,” stated Olson.

The new policy indicates that “students who wish to possess cell phones at school will be required to provide the school with their cell phone numbers.”  Cell phones are to be put away and not used during class without staff permission.

If the device is used inappropriately it will be confiscated and lead to an investigation by law enforcement and/or school personnel. Inappropriate use includes taking photos or videos without permission, harassing others and spreading rumors.

Employees are prohibited from using cell phones during certain times, such as work hours and while driving. In addition, employees are not permitted to contact students directly. Rather, they will be required to go through a third party, such as a parent or school administrator, to contact students.

Olson stated that the district will be reviewing cell phone regulations with employees in the fall.

Additional items approved by the board included the following:

· Preschool partnership agreements for the 2011-2012 school year with the YWCA, Stay-n-Play, Wee School, Head Start, Prince of Peace and St. John’s.

· Board operational goals for 2011-2012.

· Legislative action priorities for the upcoming legislative season.

· Change order to enlarge the mechanical chase at the stadia seating at a cost of $839.74; change order for hand dryers at a cost of $12,850.66; change order to repair damaged panel feed conduit at a cost of $3,191.04; and change order for Terrazzo work for a savings to the district in the amount of $9,780.

· School District Advisory Committee members, who are required to be approved annually by the board.

· Acceptance of donations.

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