DEWITT — The Central Community School Board has approved sale of its Administration Center at 100 Sixth Ave.

Carol Schuster of DeWitt purchased the building for $220,000 and, with her son Bill, plans to form a Limited Liability Corporation. Central Business Director Jan Culbertson said a 24-hour health facility was indicated.

Closing and possession is scheduled for April 21. The new location of administrative services has not been determined, Culbertson said, but possibilities include the new bus barn or the old bus barn and the transition may be temporary. It was agreed the district could use the current warehouse for the next six months without cost.

The sale was prompted by the opportunity of someone interested in purchasing the property and the desire to downsize, move administration services closer to school operations and put the building back on the tax rolls.

The district paid $187,500 for the property five years ago and put about $80,000 of remodeling costs into it. However, the board considered the price a fair market value when considering the downturn in the present economy, Culbertson said.