More than a year after failing in a referendum, renovations to the Chancy Fire Station received final approval Tuesday.

The Clinton City Council voted in favor of spending no more than $700,000 to renovate the Chancy Fire Station.

In April, Clinton officials decided to split up the two projects, expanding Chancy and creating a new Lyons Fire Station, into two projects. That allowed the council to avoid a referendum for the Chancy repairs, and will lower the amount asked from residents when funding a new Lyons station.

Voters rejected a bond issue of $4.1 million last year to fund the two projects. The measure received 51 percent of “yes” votes, but needed at least 60 percent to pass.

At a fire facilities meeting two weeks ago, Fire Chief Mark Regenwether said work will begin in August on the Chancy station. Regenwether wanted to move quickly to lock in lower prices during the current economic climate.

The 3,363-square-foot expansion would include a three-bay addition, extra storage space and decontamination area and a bathroom. The renovations will allow the fire department to station four firefighters, instead of the two, at Chancy.

The council also discussed the timeline of projects, and according to City Engineer Jason Craft, phase one of the 19th Avenue North extension should be completed by fall.

Residents on Springdale Drive will be notified within a few weeks, Craft said, since work will begin soon. The project covers from Millcreek Parkway to Springdale Drive.

Phase two, extending from Springdale Drive to the edge of Randall Court, will have bids accepted in October and is also fully funded.

The project’s final portion, phase three, is still about $2 million short of funding, but Craft said it should be completed by 2012.

The contractor is currently examining phase one of the rail park project, and the bids came in $800,000 less than anticipated. Also, the bids for the Mississippi River Trail, from Clinton to Camanche, were $400,000 less than expected. Craft indicated the city would conduct a route study to connect the trails to the existing Riverview trail with the leftover funds.