CLINTON — Even though an objection was filed by the city of Camanche, the Clinton City Council on Tuesday approved annexation of an 8.91-acre tract of land owned by the Clinton School District into the city of Clinton.

The land, located at Dunn Road and U.S. 30, currently houses the school district’s transportation facilities. The school district someday will consider moving its plant services to the location as well, said school district attorney Jerry Van Scoy.

The plant services currently are located at the former Irving School in South Clinton, sitting in part of the area Archer Daniels Midland is acquiring for an expansion.

In addressing the council, Van Scoy acknowledged the city of Camanche objects to the annexation, saying Camanche officials believe the property is located in Camanche and that Clinton’s annexation of the land will turn it into an island surrounded by Camanche.

However, Van Scoy said the land actually is unincorporated Clinton County land and, because it is adjacent to the city of Clinton, can rightfully be annexed into the city.

He also said proper notice was given to all entities, including the Clinton County Board of Supervisors, from whom the city received no objection.

The measure was approved unanimously.

The council also conducted a public hearing in regard to the vacation and conveyance of the 2400 block of Liberty Avenue to Archer Daniels Midland. ADM wants the street so the company can construct a new feed loading station there.

There were no objections and the council considered and approved the first reading of an ordinance for the vacation and conveyance.

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