Two grants announced Friday will allow the city of Clinton to shave off a few expenses regarding upcoming city projects.

Clinton Mayor Rodger Holm said the city received grants totaling $800,000 for sanitary sewer collection improvements and $399,990 for the Clinton homeownership program.

Washington, D.C., lobbying efforts helped garner the funds, Holm said.

“We’re happy to get that money,” Holm said. “When you have successful lobbying trips to Washington, D.C., it pays off here.”

The sewer project will cost the city approximately $1 million and will include 18th Avenue North and parts of 17th Avenue North, running along approximately Third Street to Garfield, Holm said. The project will likely go to bid in January or February, Holm said.

The other funds will be used to rehabilitate homes through the neighborhood improvement committee. Holm said the group previously received a $489,000 grant.

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