DES MOINES — State Representative Polly Bukta, D -Clinton, has announced that the state made two awards to two companies in Clinton that will help create 25 new jobs at over $15 per hour. Air Control, Inc. was awarded $110,492 in incentives for an expansion plan to create 14 new jobs and Beneficial Technologies was awarded $194,800 of investment tax credits to create 11 new jobs at $16.88 per hour.

“I’m pleased the state is working with us to create good jobs in Clinton. Both projects will have a positive impact on our local economy and improve our quality of life,” said Bukta.

Air Control, Inc. is based in Clinton and currently employs 45 people. The company is planning an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility at a total cost of $1.25 million. The state award includes training funds, refund on taxes for construction and investment tax credits.

Beneficial Technologies was created earlier this year to treat a by-product of the new ADM Clinton Electrical Cogeneration Plant. The new facility will cost $2.29 million to build and will be located next to the ADM plant.

The Iowa Department of Economic Development announced the awards on Sept. 20.

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