DAVENPORT — Two Clinton men, arrested on federal immigration fraud charges in February, are awaiting a ruling following the continuation of a March 6 U.S. District Court hearing.

The hearing continued on Monday with arguments from prosecutor Cliff Cronk and defense attorneys Alfredo Parrish, Leon Spies, and G. Wylie Pillers.

Attorneys argued whether $1.8 million in assets should be frozen, and whether defendants Fazal Mehmood, also known as Fazal Awan, and Vineet Maheshwari should be released, pending the ruling.

Mehmood is charged with misuse of a Social Security number and making a false record relating to the registry of aliens. Maheshwari is charged with false immigration documentation.

The men are executives of Sana Systems Inc. and Worldwide Software Services Inc., which authorities claim they used to exploit foreign workers through illegal visa expenses.

“Employees (of Sana Systems and Worldwide Software) applied for visas, but did not have jobs once they got here,” stated Cronk, who indicated that workers then had to find their own jobs in the United States.

According to Cronk, through their exploitation, Mehmood and Maheshwari made millions of dollars.

“What we have here is two individuals who never intended to follow the rules,” Cronk stated.

Pillers, who represents Sana Systems and Worldwide Software, stated that last month’s payroll will soon be due to 80 employees of the companies and argued that the money should be released.

Parish stated that the families of Mehmood and Maheshwari have given their passports to the court, showing that they have no intention of leaving the country. He also indicated that the families are willing to be monitored by GPS and report in, if necessary.

Parish stated that he does not believe Mehmood has any intention of leaving the United States.

Similarly, Spies indicated the men are willing to assume third party custodians. He stated that Maheshwari is not a flight risk as he and his family have firm ties to the Clinton community.

Cronk stated Mehmood has demonstrated no reliability as he applied for a Social Security card and less than a year later, applied for a second one under a different name. He holds that both the defendants are unreliable and should not be trusted with release.

The assets will remain frozen and the men will remain in custody as they await the judge’s ruling.