GRAND MOUND ? The Clinton County Conservation Board, sitting as the Clinton County Conservation Foundation, voted Tuesday evening to put $12,500 worth of foundation funds toward the purchase of the McAndrews property near Lost Nation to be used as a public hunting area.

The board?s action completed the $283,000 purchase price for the 198 acres. Other funds have come from grants and gifts.

The foundation is a private non-profit entity separate from the conservation board. It is better equipped to handle donations than the board, according to Walt Wickham, executive director of the conservation department.

No tax funds will be used in the purchase of the McAndrews property, Wickham said.

In other business, Wickham reported 20 new campsites are being developed at Rock Creek Marina and Campground due to increased demand. He also said he is preparing an application for a grant to install electricity at the sites.

In a new action, volunteer campground hosts have been placed at Sherman Park and Walnut Grove Park.

?This should help reduce problems we have had with drinking and partying in the parks and create a friendlier, family atmosphere,? Wickham said.

The board, after a lengthy discussion, voted 4-1 to amend the park rules to require a $75 deposit (credit cards accepted) for boat rental and set a minimum age of 21 to rent a cabin.

Lee Camp cast the negative vote, saying he could not tell a 20-year-old Iraq veteran he could not rent a cabin. Gloria Friederichsen also opposed the 21-year requirement during discussion, but voted for the motion.

Ross Spooner opposed the boat deposit, saying it would kill the boat business, but after a pause he voted for the motion.

After hearing Wickham report on construction workers who camp in a park for long periods of time, the board adopted a state park regulation that campers may stay no longer than 14 days and then must leave for at least seven days.

Another addition to the rules will require campers to remain on their own site after 10 p.m. Wickham had reported children sometimes roam the parks and disturb other campers.

The park rangers and Wickham reported capacity crowds on weekends and holidays.

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