The Clinton County Board of Supervisors discussed contractual obligations this week that Community Care, Inc. has for its former property in Charlotte.

Since CCI’s purchase of the property from the county in 2003, CCI has been responsible for a $1,500 monthly payment to Charlotte. This amount is the monthly payment of a 40-year loan the county obligated itself to for the sewage system. The loan will be paid off on July 1, 2017. In 2009, the county passed a resolution that declined to accept reversion of ownership of the CCI facility and grounds with the express understanding that CCI would still be responsible for the monthly loan payments.

Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf said so far, CCI has been agreeable to continuing to make the payments. If they stopped, the county would be obligated to pay. However, Wolf said it has been a great neighbor and continue to meet its contractual obligations.

Current property owner David Lohman, who had purchased the property from CCI, is planning to sell the property to someone else and the person purchasing the property wanted assurances that they would not take the obligations upon themselves.

Wolf said he and CCI were satisfied that the obligation would not transfer to the purchaser. He said the only instance where they could be obligated to pay is if they used the sewer system, but the current purchasers have said they will not use the system.

The county was asked to approve a resolution that acknowledged that the buyer will not be responsible for the payments. This resolution was approved.