CLINTON — The Clinton City Council could vote to amend several city ordinances during the regular council meeting tonight at 7 at Clinton City Hall.

The council meeting will begin with Second Ward Councilman Mike Kearney presenting Mayor Rodger Holm with a proclamation from the Social Security Administration that the Clinton Social Security Office will remain open.

Then, the council will hear the second and third considerations, and could adopt six ordinances that would amend the city code and one that would authorize the creation of a Citizens’ Storm Water Management Advisory Committee.

The committee is being formed in order to comply with the city’s National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit.

Three amendments would change references from the Planning/Community Development Director or Zoning Administrator to the Building and Neighborhood Services Director and references from the Public Works Department to the BNS Department in the Dangerous Building Ordinance, Chapter 147, and also would amend ordinances regarding wireless communication towers, Chapter 2097, and a zoning regulation, Chapter 165.

Two ordinances to be amended concern adding a distance of 300 feet to the city noise ordinance and prohibiting overnight camping in city parks unless authorized by city officials. Another amendment will concern changing the zoning classification of Tract Three of the Mill Creek Crossing subdivision to R-2, two family residential.

One ordinance amendment would reflect different requirements for the installation of a sprinkler system in facilities that serve alcoholic beverages, a requirement of the 2006 National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code. The amendment is a Rules and Regulations Committee recommendation and would require the installation of a fire alarm system in establishments with first-floor level of discharge, with a change of ownership but with continued occupancy, or the same use within the previous 12 months. If a change in the license holder occurs or a remodeling in excess of $50,000 is completed, installation of a sprinkler system would be required. A second change would grant existing establishments with a level of discharge above or below a first or ground floor a 10-year period to install sprinkler systems.

Tonight, the council could vote to approve the marina operation contract with Skipper Marine Development. The council postponed the vote during the special council meeting held Thursday, due to concerns over contract terminology.

Two other resolutions that could be approved tonight includea resolution approving the city’s Adopt-a-Roadway Program and a resolution approving the hiring of Attorney Robert McGee to provide legal services related to the acquisition of property for use in development and construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

Following the regular council meeting, the Committee of the Whole will consider a City Services Committee recommendation to approve an updated street projects list for fiscal year 2008-2009. According to a memorandum to the council from City Administrator Gary Boden dated May 8, the new version was developed by Boden, the Engineering Department staff and contractors and Finance Director Debbie Neels. Boden wrote that the chart should be viewed as an interim step in developing the three-, five- and 10-year capital improvement plan slated for completion this fall.

The Committee of the While also will consider an Internal Operations Committee recommendation to restructure positions in the Finance and Administration Departments. The changes would include separating the City Clerk and Treasurer positions, making Neels the finance director at her current pay status and creating a separate city clerk position in the Administration Department to be filled by Assistant City Clerk Pat Van Loo at a managerial salary of $40,000 effective June 1. Another change would upgrade Senior Administrative Specialist Vicki Manley to the position of executive administrative assistant, and include duties of the assistant city clerk, at a managerial salary of $40,000 effective June 1.