CLINTON — The Clinton City Council approved a marina operation contract with Skipper Marine Development during the regular council meeting Tuesday.

Assistant City Clerk Pat Van Loo said there was no discussion regarding the resolution Tuesday night. She said the council approved the resolution unanimously by a vote of 5 to 0 with Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Gassman and At-Large Councilman Ron Mallicoat not present for the meeting. The council had postponed the vote during the special council meeting held Thursday, due to concerns over contract terminology.

The council meeting began with Second Ward Councilman Mike Kearney presenting Mayor Rodger Holm with a proclamation from the Social Security Administration that the Clinton Social Security Office will remain open.

The council heard and approved the second consideration of several ordinances that would amend the city code and one that would authorize the creation of a Citizens’ Storm Water Management Advisory Committee. Van Loo said the council postponed the third consideration and adopting the resolutions until the full council could be present.

Van Loo said one item from the Unanimous Consent Calendar was pulled for discussion during the unfinished business portion of the agenda. She said council members raised questions regarding item number 34, a resolution approving a new Class B liquor license, Sunday sales privilege, outdoor service privilege (for special events) and issuance of a Class I letter of exemption for allowing persons under 21 in licensed premises for Wild Rose Clinton LLC. She stated that the item was questioned regarding the casino requesting a Class 1 exemption, which would allow individuals under the age of 21 on the premises without a monitoring plan because 65 percent of the business sales would be other than alcohol. She noted the license in question was for Wild Rose Resort, and would cover the sports bar, restaurant and events center, and is separate from a Class C liquor license for the casino proper, which does not allow minors. Van Loo said the matter was cleared up by Kearney.

One ordinance amendment reflecting different requirements for the installation of a sprinkler system in facilities that serve alcoholic beverages was pulled from the agenda. The amendment was up for a vote on its first consideration, but Van Loo said the issue was pulled because of concerns with wording in the ordinance. The council approved a resolution authorizing the city’s Adopt-a-Roadway Program and a resolution approving the hiring of Attorney Robert McGee to provide legal services related to the acquisition of property for use in development and construction of a wastewater treatment plant.