Applying for a grant to fix the river barge along Riverview Drive will highlight today’s Clinton City Council Committee of the Whole.

Clinton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Anne Schmidt is requesting direction on whether to fill out a grant to fix the barge, which has some holes below the water line, according to notes provided to council members by City Administrator Jeff Horne.

“Right now, we’re finding out from the city if the barge is even fixable,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said that Joe Schadler, of Celebration Cruises, examined the barge and said he would provide the labor if the city donated the materials to the city-owned barge. A Celebration cruise will make its way to Clinton on July 21.

Estimates for the barge repair total $96,250.

The committee of the whole will also discuss draft ordinances regarding the new nuisance policy and the rules during City Council committee meetings.

Last week, the Rules and Regulations committee discussed both ordinances. Councilman Mark Vulich, at-large, requested the City Council take another look at fines for first-time nuisance policy offenders.

In the proposed ordinance, fines equal $500 for the first violation. Under Vulich’s plan, the penalty would be reduced to $250. The current policy calls for first-time offenders to face a $100 penalty for the first violation.

The new ordinance regarding committee meetings came to light three weeks ago when City Attorney Jeff Farwell discovered council members were in violation of their own ordinance regarding attendance at committee meetings.

According to the current code, when four or more council members attend a meeting, by definition, it becomes a full council meeting. Council meetings occur at least twice per month at 7 p.m.

Under the new code presented at Thursday’s Rules and Regulations committee meeting, any council member can attend any committee meeting, but they must remain seated in the area reserved for the general public, and cannot vote. Also, the attendance by a non-committee member will not be defined as a full council meeting.