CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution to set a time and place for a public hearing concerning an amendment to the Clinton County budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, during Monday’s weekly meeting.

According to a budget report presented at the meeting, the ending fund balance in June 30 will be $6,482,211. This is $2,158,949 more what the budget stood at previously. A variety of revenue and expenditure changes affected this budget. Through various tax revenues, intergovernmental finances and licenses and permits income, the total revenues and other sources will be $28,0444,827, which is $951,516 more than previously expected.

A variety of expenses also increased. The Public Safety and Legal Services expenditures increased by $50,515. This includes $12,750 more for a uniformed patrol tazer grant. The Sheriff’s Administration’s computer expenses were increased by $2,060. Wages for rural patrol increased by $2,705. Medical Examiner costs went up by $33,000.

The County Environment and Education expenditures increased by $139,750. This amount includes $40,000 to clean up the Buffalo Bill Estates. The Roadside Management costs increased by $43,367 due to a grant and sale of a new vehicle. The County Conservation increased $52,401 due to a FEMA grant. An amount of $3,982 was increased to Pioneer Cemetery.

Other changes in expenditures included $500,000 for Roads and Transportation, $11,550 for an extra switchboard person and cost of publications for Administration costs and $1,000 for the Physical Health and Social Services Department. Other increases included $14,000 for the County Conservation land acquisition due to an increase in the cost of the house and $53,746 for miscellaneous expenditures. The Options Transfers expense decreased by $255,000 due to an increase in the local option sales tax. The total expenditures increased by a total of $770,561 to $29,329,357. The excess of revenues under the expenditures is now -$1,269,080, instead of -$1,465,485.

The beginning fund balance for July 1 is $7,751,291, which is $1,962,544 more than expected. When all of these changes are totaled, the ending fund balance on June 30 will be $6,482,211.

After reviewing the budget amendment, the Board of Supervisors approved setting a budget hearing to address any concern from the public on May 18 at 11:30 a.m. in the Board of Supervisor’s chambers in the administration building.

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