County officials are one step away from approving a contract with Davenport-based Tri-City Communications for a major phone and network upgrade at the County Administration Building and courthouse.

The board of supervisors heard recommendations Monday from IT Director Betsy Smith and recently hired IT Specialist Brian Briese. The two said it would be better for the county to hire Tri-City to install a new phone system in all major county buildings at once, rather than do it piece by piece.

“It would cost more money,” Smith said, “but in the long run there would be savings, I believe, as opposed to doing it in bits and pieces.”

The added costs were estimated at around $30,000 more than what Building Maintenence Coordinator Rick Laurion had budgeted.

But the Supervisors Brian Schmidt and Jill Davisson said if the money could be found, the project was still worth doing.

“Let’s do this the bang-up way instead of piece-mealing it,” Davisson said. “But the only thing would be to make sure that ... the numbers crunch.”

Smith and County budget director Jeannine Clark will meet this week to find out where the money will have to be moved from, or if the vendors will make concessions as to whether they will accept being paid in part from the next fiscal year’s budget.

A final resolution approving the contract, which was originally estimated at $130,000, will be drafted and voted on at the next board meeting, Monday.