Administrators and support staff at Northeast Community schools will receive 3-percent raises in the coming school year, according to action taken at a recent school board meeting.

Action on teachers’ salaries was delayed because members of the Northeast Community Education Association had not yet ratified certain parts of the proposed contract. Instead, the school board approved a memorandum of agreement that covered items on which agreement had been reached.

Details of the memorandum were not revealed.

Here are the salaries which were awarded:

• James Cox, superintendent, $114,081.

• Sue O’Donnell, middle/high school principal, $85,000.

•  Diane Schumacher, $86,619.36 (plus a $13,470.24 stipend as curriculum director).

•  Tina Bartles, business manager, $46,921.43.

•  Scott Huling, transportation supervisor, $45,994.88.

•  Beth Dickherber, juvenile court/at risk, $32,033.34.

Stipendes (in addition        to regular salary)

•  Bryce Bielenberg, alternative school principal, $8,904.70.

•  Teri-Howe, activities director (shared), $10,000.

•  Gregg Mohl, activity director, (shared), $10,000.

Support staff (starting wage)

•  Technology, $20,16; STW coordinator, $12.80.

•  Custodians:  head, $17.88; regular, $15.42; part-time, $13.89.

•  Buses: maintenance, $15,75; CDL drivers, $13.91; C-S-E drivers, $11.79; crossing guard, $10.80.

•  Cooks: head cook (full-time), $12.15; regular cook (part-time), $10.05.

•  Associates: Interpreter, $11.48; Certified paraeducator/bachelor’s degree, $9.52; part-time associate, $8.98.

Negotiations had begun Feb. 7, when the NCEA presented a proposal that emphasized:

“Preserving our model school means, in part, refusing to take shortcuts at the expense of excellence. The district has an obligation to retain quality teachers and to compensate them according.

“Northeast’s quality teachers are knowledgeable in their disciplines. They are flexible innovative and resourceful in the classroom. These teachers are not  only particularly competent in handling instruction, but they are also exceedingly sensitive to the social-emotional needs of every student, needs which impact student success.”

The school district’s reply, on March 7, proposed:

•  the “step” movements on the salary schedule for years of service shall not apply to the 2011-12 contract year;

•  employees who request family plan health insurance shall pay $250 per month out of their salaries instead of the current $75;

•  if the legislature, governor or Department of Education decreases school funding which  effects the district’s allowable expenditures, the BA generator base will be automatically decreased dollar for dollar.

Those are among the issues that went to a mediator after negotiations deadlocked.

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