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The Clinton municipal dock is shown in this April 2011 Clinton Herald file photo. The Clinton City Council tonight will consider a resolution to establish a public hearing on the sale of the city’s municipal dock. If established, a public hearing would be held at the Oct. 11 city council meeting.

The sale of the city’s municipal dock could be delayed yet again due to insufficient information.

At Large Council Member Jennifer Graf, who requested that the resolution supporting the sale be tabled at the Oct. 25 meeting of the city council, told the Clinton Herald that she expects to do so again at Tuesday’s meeting.

Though Graf has indicated support of the sale previously, and has said that she believes the price of $6.3 million is valid, she said that prior to making a decision, all the facts need to be in.

CresaPartners Chicago, a real-estate firm, has been asked to evaluate several aspects of the proposed sale of the municipal dock to ARTCO Fleeting, a subsidiary of current dock leaseholder Archer Daniels Midland Company. However, Graf said she has been told by Liz Roberts, managing partner at CresaPartners Chicago, that the information requested would not be available by the Nov. 8 meeting.

She said that the CresaPartners report was “critical,” as it will hopefully provide an unbiased evaluation of the controversial dock sale.

“This isn’t anybody with a personal agenda involved in this,” Graf said. “It’s somebody that’s completely objective.”

CresaPartners will supposedly analyze several aspects of the dock’s appraisal and sale, including engineering evaluations and other technical evaluations. Graf believes the information will be necessary to make any changes or corrections prior to finalizing the sale.

Graf expects the vote on the resolution supporting the sale will happen sometime in December, hopefully at a special session.

But even if the dock sale is delayed until next year, after new members are sworn in, a majority of the council (five seats) will remain in place.

She added that she understood the delay in the report, as what CresaPartners is being asked to evaluate is “pretty in-depth.”

Since the resolution was carried over by council vote from the Oct. 25 meeting, it will appear on the Nov. 8 agenda. Though Graf said she will recommend that it be tabled until the CresaPartners report is available, she could be overridden by other council members.

However, only Ward 1 councilwoman Maggie Klaes opposed the previous tabling.