In a recent special meeting, the Central Community School  Board decided to re-offer to all certified personnel the retirement incentive package approved last fall.

At the recommendation of Superintendent Dan Peterson the plan will be available until March 30. Originally the retirement incentive was offered through Jan. 4 and eight of 32 eligible employees elected to retire. Requirements are 55 or more years of age with at last 10 years of service in the Central District. One half of the employee’s base salary will be paid in three equal payments over three years using money from the management fund.

Peterson noted there are several eligible employees approaching 65, after which the payments must be made through the general fund, a less desirable situation. He emphasized the proposal remains a cost-savings endeavor.

In approving offering the retirement incentive plan for a second time, board member Steve Fuglsang said he supported the move as a cost-effective measure but he was looking for more consistency in providing a plan to permit employees more time to plan for retirement. Offering  it every two or three years was not the best method, he said.

Board member Jim Irwin said offering the plan early gave the district more time to fill vacancies and suggested a two-tier system by which  later applicants receive less money. He promoted discussing the issue in the fall to give more planning time.

Board member Jennifer Naeve also called for looking at the issue earlier in the school year to give a lengthier time to plan.

Board President Christy Kunz noted that the board had initial comments of moving too fast on the option but was now offering it again. She, too, liked the idea of deciding on a plan every year and deciding  early with possibly a tiered system. Board member Kurt Rickard was absent but via Skype concurred with the decision.

Business director Cindy McAleer said she would not like an incentive plan every year to be part of district policy but an early meeting to determine would be practical.

She reminded the board the money comes from the management fund, which is based on property taxes.

Peterson and McAleer will meet with eligible employees by Feb. 3, with the deadline March 30 and a seven-day retraction deadline of  

April 6. Board approval date is April 11.

The board also approved transferring Jane Feldpausch from her teacher  

associate position to the Ekstrand Media associate position at $10.88 per hour.