CLINTON — As spring’s wet weather quickly approaches, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of obtaining flood insurance coverage for county properties.

The board has been in discussions with Emergency Management Chance Kness, Sheriff Rick Lincoln, and Conservation Director Walt Wickham about the issue, and has begun receiving quotes for flood insurance coverage on conservation property, as well as the courthouse and the Law Center.

Kness proposed the idea to the board, in order to determine if coverage was necessary.

He stated that, because of the riverfront levy, the courthouse and Law Center are no longer considered to be in a flood plain, but are in an area of residual risk.

“The dike has never overtopped or failed, but that doesn’t take it out of the realm of possibility,” Kness said.

He added that the levy would not protect the town from a 500-year flood.

Julie Bray and John Root of the A.C. Root Insurance Agency appeared before the board to discuss coverage options and costs, and reported that it would cost between $18,000 and $24,000 a year to provide flood coverage for the courthouse and Law Center. Bray noted the FEMA places numerous requirements on flood insurance for government properties.

Kness noted that the National Flood Insurance Program is “horribly broken,” adding that in the event of natural disasters that affect federal property, the rules are often “thrown out the window” anyway.

“I thought there was a benefit (to flood insurance coverage,)” Kness stated. “But after looking at this I really don’t know.”

Bray told the board that “in today’s economy, we cannot recommend that you place coverage on the Courthouse and Law Center.”

The board did approve coverage for several properties at Rock Creek Park in Camanche, including the new ranger residence.