Lynne Turnquist, a rescue volunteer for the Shorewood Cocker Rescue, raised a concern during Monday’s Fulton City Council meeting regarding the Fulton city law allowing residents to own four pets at a time.

Turnquist provides care for an average of three foster dogs per month in addition to her own four dogs, which contradicts the law.

The law does allow for exceptions for a licensed kennel owner or animal hospital, although Turnquist does not meet either of the requirements.

The city council had mixed opinions regarding the issue.

Fourth Ward Alderman Randy Boonstra commended Turnquist for her service to animals. First Ward Alderman Charles Dykstra recognized her humanitarian efforts, but was still opposed to allowing any resident to have more than four dogs at a time.

Third Ward Alderman Wes Letcher said there was never a day that the Turnquist residence had ever seemed to have more than four dogs.

Fulton Police Chief Jim Rhoades said there had been a recent noise complaint from a resident regarding the Turnquist residence, but that had been the only complaint.

Boonstra made a motion to amend the law by allowing more than four dogs during a 60-day foster period.

The majority voted in favor.