The city of Fulton on Tuesday held an initial discussion on the possibility of requiring keg registrations.

The ordinance, discussed by the Fulton City Council per the request of the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office, would identify the purchasers of keg alcoholic beverages, specifically in the case of consumption by underage people. Fulton Police Chief Jim Rhoades believes this registration is needed to track sales for underage drinking.

Sellers would be responsible for registering and documenting keg sales. Each purchaser of a keg would provide a current governmental issued photo identification, with the purchaser’s name, address and individual identification number. The seller would document this information in a log, along with the individual keg identification, date of sale and name of person selling the keg. The information would be maintained by the seller for a minimum of six months.

Sellers would also assign, record and attach a registration sticker to the keg at the time of sale. These stickers would be obtained from the sheriff’s department. The seller would have to produce keg registration logs to the police department upon request.

The council discussed the possible ordinance but no vote was required at this point. The matter will be discussed more at a later date.

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