The Fulton City Council approved a nearly $2.5 million, 20-year bond to fund street projects at the meeting on Monday. The bond will fund several street, water and sewer projects that were discussed at the Capital Improvement Program workshop on Jan. 14.

The board discussed several different yearly bonds, but ultimately decided on the 20-year plan. Alderman Charles Dykstra said that with interest rates so low right now, the longer plan would be best to save money. Several of the alderman agreed with Dykstra.

“For the money, it’s actually quite cheap,” Alderman Dan Nederhoff said.

The projects in the Capital Improvement Plan include overlays and sealcoats for several streets. For the sewers the plan includes cleaning, lining mains and manhole rehab. For water, the plan includes looping and replacing mains. All the projects in the plan are expected to be completed in either 2012 or 2013.

Several payments to cover costs will be spread out over the 20-year period. The council also discussed and approved the Martin House budget as presented by Bill Blecha. He said costs for many of their projects are low because they rely on a lot of volunteer work. He also mentioned that there are several projects involving the summer kitchen and stressed the importance of keeping it, since it is a big part of Fulton history.

Fulton Police Chief Jim Rhoades presented the police department’s year-end report. Rhoades said the department worked hard to keep mileage down and as a result saved money on fuel. They patrolled 57,246 miles. This year marked the sixth consecutive year that the department handled more than 4,000 calls, with the department handling 4,237 calls.

“We handle more calls than other towns our size due to the traffic coming in and out of Clinton,” Rhoades said.

The top three categories of crimes reported were criminal damage to property, thefts and burglaries. These types of crimes are usually at the top of the list annually, according to Rhoades.

Rhoades also said the amount of accidents were significantly lower than previous years. There were only 53 accidents in 2011 compared to 75 in 2010 and 85 in 2009. The lack of winter weather may have contributed to the lower rate of accidents, according to Rhoades.

The council also approved the treasurer’s report presented at the previous council meeting and approved an ordinance authorizing the sale of municipally owned real estate for the proposed recreation and athletic center, known as The Complex.

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