Two county bridges were discussed during this week’s Clinton County Board of Supervisors meeting.

County Engineer Todd Kinney brought possible options for two bridges located on the old U.S. 30 between Calamus and Wheatland.

The Secondary Roads Department recently received load rating calculations for the Wapsipinicon River bridge and the overflow bridge and recommended load postings for both.

The bridge rating consultant recommended that the postings for the Wapsipinicon River bridge be 6.3 tons without a single lane channelization and 8.2 tons with a single lane channelization.

The recommendation for the overflow bridge was 10 tons without a single lane channelization and 13.8 tons with a single lane channelization.

Kinney presented five different solutions to the problem, most of which including the closure of the Wapsipinicon River bridge.

The county could post the bridges without channelization devices and issue overweight permits for heavy loads or close the one bridge after the replacement of the overflow bridge. Kinney said the county could build access entrances off of the new U.S. 30 for property owners losing access if the bridges are closed. He also said the county could close Wapsipinicon River bridge and repair the overflow bridge with local labor and funds.

The plan Kinney said he felt would be most prudent would be to build another county road between the new and old U.S. 30 and close both bridges. He said once the road was built the matter would be done. He said this would not be so if they repaired the bridge.

“Even if you repair it (the overflow bridge), you still have this bridge out there that has a finite life,” said Kinney.

He said they would then have to decide what to do and if they would spend a million dollars to replace the bridge.

Kinney said he was leaning towards that last option, but would not recommend it until he knows the cost. He said the cost estimates will be what determines what the county needs to do. Kinney said he will bring cost estimates and a resolution at a future meeting.

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