As part of his effort to “cover the bases for Clinton on a state and regional level,” Mayor Rodger Holm has accepted his appointment to chairman of East Central Intergovernmental Association’s (ECIA) council. Holm will oversee operations for the 30-member council, which assists government and private agencies throughout Clinton, Jackson, Cedar, Dubuque and Delaware counties.

Holm said local involvement with ECIA is crucial for the development and advancement of the area.

“The list of what (the ECIA council members) do, it just goes on and on,” Holm said. “And I’m only speaking of Clinton.”

The city has hired the ECIA numerous times to help write grants and help organize and study governmental functions. The organization’s stated purpose is to “empower eastern Iowa communities and enhance the quality of life,” something Holm believes is a frequently accomplished goal.

“It’s just a good partnership (for the city),” Holm said. “I think we have our bases covered.”

Throughout his two-year term, Holm, who previously served as vice-chairman for the committee, will oversee the board of directors, help run meetings and check financial reports. He hopes to continue the organization’s history of helping local governments grow and prosper.

Chairing the ECIA committee is not Holm’s only extracurricular governmental obligation. He was recently reappointed to a state level legislative policies committee with the League of Cities. Holm said through the League of Cities, Clinton makes its voice heard during state legislative sessions. The next League of Cities conference will be in Des Moines this September.

Vulich will not attend event

At-Large Council member Mark Vulich will not attend the League of Cities conference in Des Moines this summer. Vulich, in an email to City Administrator Jeff Horne, said it would not be fiscally responsible for the city for him to attend the conference.

Vulich estimates that his lack of participation would save the city more than $700 in room and board expenses.

The city’s financial woes prompted Vulich’s decision, according to the email. At a special meeting of the Committee of the Whole on July 15, Horne presented a framework of potential budget cuts to help the city’s growing money issues.

More than $1 million in cuts were proposed, including more than $300,000 each for the fire and police departments. Fire Chief Mark Regenwether estimated that such cuts could cost the city up to six firefighters.

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