CLINTON — It’s taken two years but the lost, homeless and neglected dogs in the care of the Clinton Humane Society now have great outdoor kennels they can lounge in on nice days.

In 2004, the Humane Society started fund-raising to renovate the outdoor runs at the facility.

To replace and improve the 25 dog runs, $44,000 needed to be raised. According to Humane Society Director Jean Regenwether, all of the old, cracked concrete needed to be torn out and all the old fencing torn down.

“Each run would have a new concrete floor and masonry walls to separate each dog,” she explained. “Each run would have new fencing and safety gates.”

It was Regenwether’s belief that the dogs in the care of the facility would be happier and healthier if each run was a private condo.

By last fall, enough of the funds were raised to complete the “new arrival” dog kennels.

“This spring the remaining funds were donated to complete the rest of the project,” Regenwether said. “The construction is under way and hopefully will be completed early this summer.”

“Now each dog will have their own private run and barking ‘neighbor dogs’ will not disturb them. Their environment can be maintained easily to keep them healthy.”

The shelter takes in approximately 2,000 animals a year.

“Last year it was actually 2,200,” Regenwether reported. In May the shelter took in 137 cats. This is the time of year when the shelter takes in approximately 100 cats a month. But Regenwether said 137 in one month “just blew everything away.”

The funds for the project were raised by writing grants to several foundations and from multiple donations from private citizens and local area businesses.

“The Clinton Humane Society wishes to express our sincere gratitude to the animal-loving people who donated enough money to complete this project,” Regenwether said.

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