Area city officials are working to minimize flooding damage.

The Mississippi River crest is near Dubuque, and the National Weather Service is forecasting that it will progress downstream to Bellevue later today. The river is then forecast to crest from near Fulton, Ill., downstream toward Rock Island, Ill. from Thursday through Friday and downstream of Rock Island toward Gregory Landing this weekend.

Albany, Ill., Public Works Director Nate Schroeder said this morning that flooding near the Albany area would force the closure of Illinois 84 between 9 and 10 a.m. this morning.

The NWS issued more warnings for the Fulton, Camanche and surrounding areas at 8:55 p.m. Tuesday.  Camanche Public Works Director Dave Rickertsen said he and his crew had protected the city and the wastewater treatment plant the best they could. A 26-foot dike was built to protect the plant.

Camanche high school students spent time Monday filling sandbags. The students did not fill any on Tuesday because of the weather, but Rickertsen said he may have them work today as well. Sandbags will be available to anyone in the community.

 As of 8 p.m. Tuesday, water levels in Camanche were 21.5 feet and rising, well above the 17-foot flood stage. The NWS forecasted the levels to rise to around 22.3 feet Friday morning and then will begin falling. Rickertsen told the Camanche City Council on Tuesday that he expects South Washington Boulevard to be closed Thursday or Friday due to the flooding.

At 22 feet, the water will affect houses and commercial businesses on the Clinton riverfront between 27th Avenue North and 36th Avenue North. In Fulton, water will affect houses north of the levee.

A NWS warning was also issued for Lock and Dam 13 in Fulton. At 8 p.m. Tuesday, the river stage was 20.6 feet and rising. Flood stage is 16 feet. The water is forecast to rise to 21.1 feet Thursday morning, and then will begin to fall.

At 21 feet, basement flooding occurs in homes and businesses in Savanna, Ill., with seepage into yards. Water would also affect grain elevators and the lower portion of the Marquette Park parking lot. The Sabula/Savanna bridge was closed Monday.