IHA visit

Mercy employees watch the speakers at the National Health Care Week meeting at Mercy Medical Center on Wednesday.

The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

CLINTON — The president of the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) was among the speakers at a special event at Mercy Medical Center on Wednesday, to recognize and celebrate the progress and achievements of the nearly 1,000 employees at Mercy. The presentation was part of the weeklong celebration of National Healthcare Week.

“We’re here to celebrate you today” said Kirk Norris, president of the Des Moines-based Iowa Hospital Association, which represents and supports more than 117 hospitals in Iowa. “It’s important to recognize hospital employees who give their time and talent every day of every year to provide the highest quality health care to our citizens. This is one small effort toward that end.”

Norris, along with motivational and humorous speaker, Steve Siemens entertained the room of Mercy employees, board members and volunteers.

According to Donna Oliver, president and CEO of Mercy Clinton, the visit from the Iowa Hospital Association celebrates the hard work and dedication of the employees at Mercy.

“In a setting in which we work around the clock, we often don’t take that needed pause to celebrate our progress and our achievements,” Oliver said. “The Iowa Hospital Association visit helps us to recognize the high quality of work, which is challenging, important and unique. This special event gives us the opportunity to step back to celebrate the broad and positive impact Mercy has on the communities it serves.”

Oliver also pointed out the additional hours employees commit to upgrading technology.

“With each new upgrade in technology, whether it is our digital mammography or new surgical equipment, our associates have always stepped up to learn,” Oliver said. “We have accomplished so much in the last few years.”

In recognition of National Healthcare Week, Mercy has celebrated a week of activities including health and wellness activities, trivia contests, appreciation events and special “theme” meals in the cafeterias at the North and South campus. In addition to National Healthcare Week, Mercy is also recognizing National Nursing Home Week with resident activities at both Mercy Living Center — North and South.

“What we do makes a tremendous difference for our community and the people who live here,” said Oliver. “And we do it every day, around-the-clock.”

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