Roger T. Stewart

Party: Democrat

Age: 74

Residence: 936 317th Ave., Preston

Occupation: Semi-retired banker and long-time farmer

Political experience: First term in Iowa Senate.

Education: Graduated from Maquoketa High School and attended Cornell College for two years; graduate of the Wisconsin School of banking.

Family: Wife, Jennie; three children and seven grandchildren.

Web site:

What are the three most important issues in this race?

In the state Senate, I have focused on three important issues that are designed to ensure a safe, secure future for the families of Clinton, Jackson and Dubuque counties.

1. Ensuring that our children have the best possible education.

2. Lowering energy costs for Iowa families, farmers and small businesses.

3. Protecting Iowa children from drugs and sex offenders.

What is your approach to these issues?

I support increasing teacher salaries while putting more accountability in place, such as requiring teachers to be certified in the subjects they teach.

I support building on the passage of the most comprehensive renewable energy bill in the country during the 2006 session of the Iowa Legislature, which will create more good-paying jobs, create new markets for family farmers, and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

I helped pass the toughest anti-meth law in the country, resulting in a 75 percent reduction in meth labs. I voted for a law that increased penalties on sex offenders and I have proposed a “Safety First” initiative that is designed to better protect Iowa children from Internet predators.

How do you differ from your opponent?

I have four years experience working in a bipartisan manner in the Iowa Senate and getting results for my constituents. I have many years of experience working in economic development, job training and job growth.

I have an extensive business background at Maquoketa State Bank, listening to and helping thousands of customers.

I have been a farmer all my life, with a broad knowledge of the many issues that face family farmers every day.

LaMetta K. Wynn

Party: Republican

Age: 73

Residence: 322 Third Ave. North, Clinton

Occupation: Mayor of Clinton, Retired after more than 40 years as a registered nurse

Political experience: Third four-year term as Mayor of Clinton, former member of Clinton School Board

Education: Graduated from Galena (Ill.) High School and St. Luke’s Hospital School

Family: Widowed in 1996; nine daughters, one son

What are the three most important issues in this race?

Education, health care and economic development

What is your approach to these issues?

I favor increasing teacher pay. We need a system that shows student learning is improving along with increased dollars. We should measure a student at the beginning of each year and how that student has improved by the end to judge teacher performance. We need to increase funds for after school and summer programs to help kids who are falling behind. I favor testing teachers for competency when they graduate from college.

Iowa has approximately 300,000 uninsured citizens. I favor offering a tax credit to small businesses that offer insurance and allowing small businesses to pool to lower costs. Home care and Hospice will need more assistance, perhaps from funding to community colleges and other schools making more classes available for those seeking health care professions.

In order to have healthy and growing communities we have to not only have new businesses, we have to support the ones we have. We can help by being sure all businesses are aware of available funds. We have helped area business stay afloat by ensuring necessary contacts are made. We need to protect and enhance economic growth by supporting tax increment financing and using eminent domain as a tool for growth, not as a threat to property owners.

How do you differ from your opponent?

I have more than 50 years’ experience in the areas the Legislature will be facing. I serve on the hospital board. I have become even more aware of the struggles hospitals have. I serve on a “Safe Schools” committee for Clinton and Jackson counties. I have agreed to sit on a Facilities Task Force as I did in 2000 to review facilities needs for Clinton schools.

As mayor, I have been challenged to address economic development, clean water, taxes, health care, roads and other issues. I will do the same, successfully in Des Moines. My peers are waiting for me to bring my experience, earned respect of state and national leaders and knowledge to the table to get things accomplished. No matter what committee Roger Stewart is put on, he can not offer what you deserve. I can.

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