CLINTON — Should the Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency establish a penalty to impose on the drivers of trucks that pull up to the scale window without a tarp securing their load?

Members of the agency’s board of directors last week voiced their frustration, in concert with a complaint received from 13th Avenue North residents, about debris that blows out of vehicles on their way to the landfill.

Clinton has a tarp law, Brad Seward, director of the landfill, told his board, “but we understand that police manpower is limited,” he said.

“Several people have received fines of up to $180 from the city, but (officers) can only sit out there and watch people lose their garbage for so many hours.”

Seward said when he learned the city does have a tarp law he made a copy of it and posted it on the scale window, where the scale operators could point out the law to drivers who did not have a tarp over their load.

“We want to do what we can to be a good neighbor,” Seward said. “When we see them come in it would be a simple thing to charge an extra $10 fee, just for the agency. We do help pick up along that stretch of road three, four, six times a year. I think Jackson County has a $25 fee.”

Board members asked him to get a copy of that fee structure.

He asked county supervisor Dennis Starling if the county has a tarp law. Starling said he didn’t think so, but the state has one which would cover the situation. Iowa Code section 321.460 says: A vehicle shall not be driven or moved on any highway by any person unless such vehicle is so constructed or loaded or the load securely covered as to prevent any of its load from dropping, leaking or otherwise escaping.

Seward asked the board members to think about it for the next meeting.

“Just to show the public that we understand their frustration,” he said.

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