President Obama’s plan to deliver a back-to-school address Tuesday to students nationwide has drawn some criticism, and some school districts in the U.S. have decided not to show the speech. No local schools have eliminated the showing of the address, but most are leaving it up to individual teachers and students to decide whether to participate.

Dr. Richard Basden, superintendent of the Clinton Community School District, said the district is allowing its schools to use discretion in deciding whether to view the speech.

“It’s really up to the individual buildings and their individual schedules,” said Basden, who added that history classes will be the ones most likely to watch the address. “It’s not something we’re necessarily promoting, but we’re not prohibiting anyone from taking a look at it.”

Gary DeLacey, principal of Camanche High School, said the school district in Camanche isn’t banning students from watching the address.

“We’re going to participate,” said DeLacey. “I think the president wants to talk to the high school youth, and it is the president of the United States.”

DeLacey said the high school was planning on holding a showing for the student body, although it won’t be live because of a scheduling conflict for the school. He wasn’t sure what the elementary or middle school plans were for the address.

“We’re planning on showing it, but we’re probably going to tape it and show it later,” he said. “I’m guessing it would be the following day that we’ll show it.”

Jane Bauer, superintendent of River Bend School District, says that district is allowing teachers to decide whether or not to show the address to their classes, and allowing parents and students to decide if students will participate. The district includes Fulton, Albany and Garden Plain.

“We are leaving it up to the teachers if they want to participate in it,” said Bauer, who added that students took home a letter to parents Friday regarding the upcoming speech. “We are leaving it up to the parents and up to the students.”

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