Plastics manufacturer LyondellBasell has made a sizeable contribution to the United Way of Clinton County.

A $30,000 check was presented to United Way representatives on Monday afternoon, with the funds to be used within the community.

“The United Way provides a valuable contribution to the community,” said Brian Angwin, site manager. “LyondellBasell is proud to be able to support such an organization.”

The $30,000 corporate contribution is in addition to a check for around $40,000 given by company employees earlier this year.

United Way Director Cheryl McCulloh said the company has a history of supporting the local charitable organization, which helps with educational and health programs throughout the county.

“We really appreciate what (LyondellBasell) does,” McCulloh said. “They’re strong supporters.”

United Way Board President Diane Christensen said LyondellBasell helps out with more than just finances. The charity’s annual “Fork Some Pork” fundraiser is held at the company’s employee recreation center and employees help with the preparation and delivery of food.

The contribution helps kick off the United Way fall 2011 fundraising campaign, which officials hope will raise $560,000.

All money collected will go towards helping the organization’s stated goals of improving the quality of life in Clinton communities, and providing a good place in which to live, work and raise children.

The United Way helps 62 area children with mentoring programs, significantly decreasing the likelihood of dropping out of school.

Almost 6,000 area families receive support for essential items such as food and shelter, and military families are offered access to help in crisis situations.

The United Way estimates that 3,822 lives have been saved because of community blood drives, and tobacco and alcohol resistance programs help keep teenagers away from substance abuse.

“Support your local United Way,” Christensen said, encouraging area residents to become active in the organization.

“We do good things,” McCulloh added.

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