Building Maintenance Coordinator Rick Laurion discussed building projects during Monday’s meeting of the Clinton County Board of Supervisors.

Laurion said the building maintenance department has covered a lot of projects and spent a lot of funds this year. The department finished work on the courthouse clock tower. This project cost $239,359. The department put a new roof on the DeWitt annex of the Sheriff’s Office for a cost of $21,000. Other projects included the changing of a chiller at the courthouse, a variety of repairs at the jail, restrooms in the Administration Building and work with new compressors.

Laurion said the department has installed a new data cable system in the Administration Building. He said this project should hopefully be completed by the end of the week.

“This one here is going to be a tougher project than what we just did. There’s a lot more ripping and tearing the ceilings,” said Laurion.

With the work on the data cable installation, the ceiling was put back in place each day during business hours. Laurion said this would not be possible for the mechanical system. He said they may even need to close down some of the hallways. Most of the work will be in the boiler room. However, the boxes controlling the vents are also being switched to electric. He said the project will include the mechanical side, such as the boilers, piping and plumbing; the electrical side; and the control system.

“We’ve got three totally different projects that we’re going to have to finish up at once to make this all work together. That’s going to be hard, to get all the crews to come in and do at the same time,” said Laurion.

Laurion said he has received many complaints about dust from taking the ceiling tiles down for the data cabling project. He said this project should generate as much dust. Laurion said he would like employees to be told to direct any complaints to their department heads or elected officials. Chairwoman Jill Davisson said an e-mail will be sent out letting employees know there will be dust, dirt and inconvenience.

Laurion said he plans to bring in some help for cleaning. However, he said each crew hired for the project is required to clean up behind themselves. He said while the project is ongoing, they will have a mess in the building.

“But, when you have all this extra stuff floating and stuff, then when we’re done, you’re going to need to clean windows on the insides probably and things like that too,” said Davisson.

Laurion said the boilers have to be in by September. He said they hope to have bids in and have the project started by middle July.