CLINTON — The city’s Marina Committee is continuing its work in getting a project plan in place that the city will be able to afford and give boaters the amenities they want.

Much of the discussion had to do with the project budget, which at this time is anywhere from $550,000 to $800,000 beyond the budget, as well as dredging timelines and the electrical service to be installed at the marina.

Marina Committee members have broken the project into two phases — north and south. The south portion was under discussion Thursday, when it was decided the committee wants single slips in the south docks and wants six more slips near the shore for smaller boats to make use of additional space.

Electrical service needs also were discussed. JJR says 120/208-volt service will be enough to service boaters’ needs, but some committee members said some 240-volt service will be needed by the larger boats that the city is hoping to draw into the marina. The committee already has agreed to put 120/208-volt service in the north phase of the project, but is thinking the city may want to put 240-volt in some of the slips.

The problem is that Alliant Energy would have to approve the use of two different levels of service at the marina, committee members said. The other option is to provide boosters to larger boats. JJR will look into the matter.

Dredging also was discussed. Federally funded dredging is to take place at the marina and be complete by June 19. After that dredging is complete, dredgers under contract through the marina committee would then begin the north phase of the work and pick up where FEMA’s dredging was completed.

As discussions progressed, committee members said it is hard to move forward with decisions because there is a budget shortfall. The committee decided to ask JJR for a set of plans with cost estimates. Those are to be in hand in three to four weeks with more discussion to follow.

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