As far back as the mid-1950s, Darrell Smith has served the residents of Clinton as a city councilman and mayor.

Now, Clinton’s current mayor wants to make sure Smith is honored for his long-time service.

The Clinton City Council’s Internal Operations Committee on Thursday forwarded a request from Mayor Rodger Holm that would lead to the naming of a street in Smith’s honor.

Smith, who began serving on the city council in 1956 in various capacities, including second and fourth ward councilman and as an at-large councilman twice, was Clinton’s mayor from 1994 through the end of 1995. He served as a councilman through 2010.

Holm said his request has nothing to do with any particular event, just that he believes the time is right for Smith’s name to be attached to an as-yet-undetermined street.

The Internal Operations Committee approved the request on a 2-1 vote, with Chairman Mark Vulich and committeewoman Bev Hermann giving approval to forward the measure to the council’s committee of the whole for further consideration. The remaining committee member, Jennifer Graf, voted against the proposal, saying she would like to see a street-naming procedure put in place first that would include the possible involvement of a planning or zoning commission and a vetting process.

“We need to research what other communities do,” she added.

She also provided the names of other people who she said could be considered as well.

Holm, however, pointed to the many years of service provided by Smith — whom he described as an elder statesmen in the city of Clinton — and his involvement in the creation of the Felix Adler Children’s Discovery Center.

Along with moving the proposal forward to the committee of the whole, the IOC tapped City Administrator Jeff Horne and City Engineer Jason Craft to recommend a street, which will not be a street that exists now due to the involved process of changing a street’s name.