SAVANNA, Ill. — Citing public safety concerns, the U.S. Army has announced closure of large quantities of public land and water during ongoing environmental remediation.

In 2003, lands and waters that once were the Savanna Army Depot, became the Lost Mound Unit of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Lost Mound Unit is comprised of 9,857 acres, but due to the ongoing environmental clean up, the Army is required to close areas to public access.

Areas remaining open to public access/use include:

n all water above Lock and Dam 12, 1,000 acres (river miles 556.8 to 558.3),

n land and water west of Crooked Slough, which includes the shoreline of the Mississippi River, 2,022 acres (river miles 550.3 to556.7),

n Apple River Island, 143 acres (river miles 544.7 to 546.8);

n River Road Wildlife Drive to Black Oak Dune Observation Deck (3.2 miles); and

n the Lost Mound Unit office on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For the public’s safety, the Army requires all other land and water, a total of 6,692 acres, be closed to public access/use, including the beach along the Mississippi River, shoreline east of Apple River Island and all the land and water east of Crooked Slough.

As a safety precaution, the Army has closed all shoreline and beach use on the mainland side of the Mississippi River channel.

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