Public Works Director Gary Schellhorn announced Thursday that a date has been set for the arrival of the city’s new trash containers. Delivery will begin on Aug. 22.

“We wanted to make very certain we had the exact addresses so (the containers) are where they need to be,” Schellhorn said. “That took a little longer than we thought.”

The containers, embedded with microchips necessary for the automatic billing, are not interchangeable and need to be delivered to specific households. Schellhorn said that the city needed to ensure that the 13,000 containers for both trash and yard waste are properly formatted and delivered before an exact delivery day could be determined.

Though the containers will begin arriving in the city on Aug. 22, it will take several days before all containers can be delivered to households. Schellhorn said that containers are being shipped from an out-of-state manufacturing facility and will fill nearly 20 semi-trailers. He said the deliveries will be made in an “assembly line” process, which is necessary for the city to keep track of the containers.

However, the city doesn’t plan to delay implementation of the service longer than necessary.                                            “Once they’re delivered, (the city) is going to start using them fairly (quickly),” Schellhorn said.

He added that soon after the deliveries are completed, a public announcement will be issued detailing the implementation of the automated trash pickup system. Schellhorn previously stated that there will likely be a transition period, where both trash in the new containers and garbage bags marked with city stickers will be collected, before switching to the automated service full time. He also said that any stickers that residents or businesses had left over following the transition would be refunded.