CLINTON — A revision in Clinton County voting totals has brought some good news for one District Court judge.

Revised totals released today indicate that contrary to results released Wednesday, Judge Charles Pelton won his retention bid in all five counties in the 7th Judicial District.

Totals released on the Clinton County Auditor’s Web site on Wednesday morning showed Clinton County voters did not want to retain Pelton, who was the target of a bid by fathers’ rights groups to have him ousted.

While Pelton did win retention, based on approval in the district’s remaining four counties — Cedar, Jackson, Muscatine and Scott — according to first vote totals, he was short in Clinton County where the tally initially showed 3,669 voting for retention and 3,762 voting against.

The revised totals show Pelton actually received 4,760 yes votes and 4,735 no votes.

After all precincts were counted, Clinton County Auditor Charlie Sheridan on Wednesday morning said workers still were verifying results in that race. The votes will not be considered official until the results are canvassed by the Clinton County Board of Supervisors.