GOOSE LAKE — The Northeast School Board has contacted all four of the architects who have presented auditorium proposals, asking for further information.

In an e-mail sent Thursday, each firm was asked to submit:

• “What will be your architectural fee percentage?”

• “Please provide your fee schedule for costs outside the architectural fee.”

• “What can we expect regarding the frequency of site visits?”

• “How will you handle change orders?”

• “Who will be your point person on the project?”

The e-mail also states:

“The project will consist of an auditorium of 450 seats, six classrooms, band and chorus room and an appropriate number of bathrooms. The budget will be extremely tight and will not exceed $3.5 million. You should know that our time lines are fixed. There will be one bid opening in September, with groundbreaking in October. Bonds will be sold in November. There is very little negotiations on this time frame.”

The e-mail states that the district would appreciate a response by noon today. The architectural firms who have been interviewed and have now received the e-mail are Robert Stensland of Modern Design; Richard Johnson of Richard L. Johnson, Inc.; Allen Varney of Ament, Inc., and Doug Bergert of Perkins and Will.

Superintendent Jim Cox told the Clinton Herald the district will do additional fundraising and writing for grants to supplement the proceeds of the bond sale. The bonds will be redeemed with proceeds of the one-cent sales tax.

Under no circumstances will property taxes be used for the project, he said. If sufficient funds cannot be raised, there will be no auditorium, he emphasized.